The employer tells me I should market more if I want to be made a partner. It’s essentially a request for me to demonstrate my commitment to the firm, to contribute to its reputation in the form of speeches and writings, and to show that I love my specialty. And it’s obviously the right move for my career, but still….

What I really want to do is think clearly about current events, our culture, financial matters, and whatever else happens to be on my mind. These things are not always the subject matter of the law firm. This being the age when it takes five minutes to configure a free blog for memorializing your own half-baked ideas — and more than that many months to decide to make your first anonymous post — why not now? Everyone says that if you want to be a writer, you have to write.

The firm is right though. What we spend our time doing does demonstrate what we love. I’ll try to market more, but if I don’t complain or philosophize about non-work matters when the mood strikes, my happiness will be less than optimal.

Being overeducated, I’ve written a fair amount in my life. I hadn’t written about a non-work matter in any depth in a long time, but recently did, and it must have been the inspiration to finally start the blog. That argumentative piece on the GOP presidential race forced me to grapple with my thinking on some procedural matters and the reasons for my opinions about the candidates, since one cannot have clear writing without clear thinking. I loved that activity. So it is resolved: I will write more often and thereby hopefully think more clearly.

This is not to say that I lack fondness for my profession. I love it some days, and other days it’s just a job. But climbing the ranks to partnership is not my main goal. I want to live a worthwhile life, and failing to examine the things that interest me as I make my way through it would be a terrible waste.


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